Hub Steering is the main feature of the Vyrus bike is forecarriage which is without the traditional fork, this unique style of our projects are in the DNA of the Vyrus designers

Vyrus is a manufacturer of sport bikes Hi-Tech. The current production is innovative and revolutionary, with high level technology, our philosophy is building race motorcycles that can be riding on the street


Innovative frame DOCF ( Double OMEGA Concept Frame ) consists of a series of pieces obtained by numerical control machines, the best materials are gathered in this structure to create a bike very attractive

Each part machined and assembled entirely by hand by artists of mechanics with attractive design and unique appeal


Don’t exist a Vyrus equal to another Vyrus is possible to customize each part with beautiful accessories for have the own unique and inimitable bike

Thanks to its engineering knowledge and skills, Vyrus may set up a kind of futuristic vehicle, can sell to collectors, sports fans a dream on two wheels rather than a single object, such as a real “piece of art”