A missile of 167 horses for just 155 kg, a milestone for the motorcycle Hi-Tech, a reference point for the discerning customer who seeks an exclusive tailor-made motorcycle and incredible performance

Romagna’s atelier decided to take the plunge and bringing at the top of the performance by equipping the new creature with an incredible engine with four-valve liquid-cooled, built by Ducati, which wreaks 13.5 kgm of torque at just 7500 rpm


Vyrus has had the courage to explore new horizons, with the Hub Steering System: performance and safety thanks to the Steering enclosed within the front wheel, the ease of driving is disarming, safety its is flagship

The minimalist design, attractive lines and futuristic shapes blend into a creature of undeniable charm, creating a timeless beauty


The state of art of the Made in Italy of high quality, combined with the Grand Prix technologies and attention to the real needs of the pilot, a novelty in the world of motorcycles produced in series

A sophisticated data acquisition system controls the electronic control unit and allows to test the ability of the pilot and adapt in real time the setup of the engine according to the needs. The power is then weighted and made ‚Äč‚Äčaccessible to all levels, including poor road conditions