From the continuous pursuit of excellence, Vyrus began collaborating with Mupo Race Suspension, another Italian Motor Valley’s “workshop” that produces little technology jewels in the motorcycle suspensions’ field. In fact, Mupo Race Suspension in collaborations with Vyrus, has created a dedicated suspensions for Vyrus 984 C3 2V and Vyrus 987 C3 4V, that have become original equipment to these models, now we analyze its technical characteristics:

Shock absorber head is CNC machined from an Ergal billet , and it is protected by hard anodizing which ensures a high surface hardness and high corrosion resistance.

The spring preload ring nut has a millimetric adjustment, with the possibility to have the hydraulic preload as option.

The steel body has been lapped and zinc plated black to allow for better heat dissipation. While in the EVO version, Ergal is finely worked to ensure maximum smoothness.

The materials used for the internal piston are the latest technology derived from racing, and it’s also possible to install a special valve to obtain the ideal setting with Dunlop tires.

A special oil is used inside which comes from the aeronautics industry for maintain maximum stability at high temperatures.

The piston rod has a diameter of 16mm and a special DLC (diamond-like carbon) treatment which gives maximum smoothness and high resistance to corrosion.

High speed compression and low speed compression adjustments pass in two separate ducts, to improve the driving feel and durability of the tire.

Mupo Race Suspension supply a product used in racing at the highest level, that has provision for the road use. in fact riders who use it’s suspensions are collecting many success in the Italian Championship, World Superstock and Supersport Championship.

The choice of Mupo suspension by Vyrus comes from the fact that they use the top materials available, and theirs is an excellent “Made in Italy” product, but above all for their functionality and extreme effectiveness demonstrated on track and road.

Vyrus race suspension is provided with AB1 EVO and hydraulic spring preload, the kit comes with special calibrations for Vyrus 984 C3 2V, Vyrus 985 C3 4V, Vyrus 987 C3 4V and Tesi 2D